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Present Moment Mindfulness - with Ted Meissner

August 10, 2018

Ted Meissner hosts one of the most influential podcasts on Mindfulness, called Present Moment Mindfulness. Ted has had over 100 podcast conversations with experts, practitioners and influencers in the Mindfulness space.  We talk about the common themes and learning lessons he has had after interviewing so many amazing people. Ted is also a Mindfulness teacher and you can find out more about his courses (MBSR Live) and online material at Some of the subjects we cover today are:

-Learning lessons from over 300 podcast conversations (12:40)

-Not letting the enthusiasm run ahead of the science (15:45)

-Ted's feedback on 'negative' Mindfulness articles (20:05)

-Even taught in the right way, Mindfulness is not for everybody (24:06)

-Words of advice to those starting a Mindfulness practice  (33:50)

Reach out to Ted at and follow him on Twitter @PresMomentMind

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